A Private Retreat

FOR FOUNDERS, EXECutives and the Career Driven

Get Adventurous + Get Clear + Relax!


3 DAYs, 3 NIGHTs


As your life coach and adventure guide, I create unforgettable all-inclusive weekends for you to experience inspiration, clarity, and restoration.

Here’s the truth: You are busy. You are high performing. You love your work. Yet you hardly ever take time just for you. I am here to help you rediscover the wild outdoors and the wild within yourself. During our journey, expect to be transformed.

YOU will become:

  • Confident and self-assured

  • Courageous and adventurous

  • More present

  • At ease with yourself

YOU WILL experience:

  • Renewal and exhilaration

  • Healthy risk

  • Connection with yourself and nature

  • Deeper awareness

How do you fancy your stay?

You can choose courage or you can choose comfort. You cannot have both.
— Brene Brown

Your Guide

I help you unplug and reconnect with yourself and the natural world. As a certified coach, mountain guide, and wellness expert, I curate solo adventures for you to tap out of your routine and into what truly matters. Read more about me here.

What Makes Solo Adventures Different?

I combine my coaching expertise with wilderness exploration to enliven your spirit. This isn’t a therapy weekend. I don’t dive into your drama, trauma, or past. Instead, with inspiring nature as our backdrop, I help you uncover what you want right now. Under expansive skies, I support you in identifying how to make what you want happen. Imagine a day filled with sunshine and hiking, meditation and conversation, delicious food and deep restful sleep. Imagine returning home refreshed and clear.

The Methodology

The Solo Adventure Methodology is the foundation for each personal retreat. I design your trip according to your specific needs and goals. Interested in more details about my methodology? Find them here.

I continue to work with Lindsay after many years. It is a way for me to find peace, time for myself, have fun and true adventure in the beauty of wilderness in the Aspen area. Words can’t even being to explain the experiences we have had.
— J. - Florida

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*Please note, this is a program based on coaching philosophy. I am not a therapist, psychotherapist, or sex therapist. I am a professional life coach. This retreat is meant to help you expand your life’s possibilities, not to investigate trauma, drama or the past. If you need counseling or therapy, please seek said providers. I am happy to provide access to a therapist on a need by need basis during retreats for an additional fee.