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A few things I am a bit obsessed with in life: adventure, connection + intimacy, and a bit of luxury to top off the day. I love talking about sex and relationships. I am also quite the adventure enthusiast, anything outdoors — from hiking to biking to climbing and fishing — adventure is the bread to my butter. It was also a long time dream of mine to support couples connect to themselves, one another, and wild places… and that is how Intimacy Adventures came into being.

From my own experience, I know relationships are a constant dance of exploration, honesty, vulnerability, and courage. It is sometimes challenging to find that confidence to speak your truth and actually put it into action. AND, it can be incredibly rewarding once it’s happened. Imagine actually creating the time to connect with your partner in this hectic, busy world. When is the last time you had multiple days to just be with each other and dive a little deep, while having a blast? For most, the answer is “I have no idea”. That is why I created Intimacy Adventures - it is a doorway to uncover, unlock, and explore personal desires, passions, and sexuality with your partner while have fun, wild adventures in the heart of the Rocky Mountains. It truly transforms relationships.

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Lindsay Gurley

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