In four short months, I learned more about myself and others than in the previous four years combined. I feel mentally and physically stronger than when I began the program!” - Sam D. Washington D.C.

“I was initially afraid that the advice I would be given by a life coach would be as murky as the questions I was asking—something like “be positive and manifest what you want!” Boy was I wrong! She pressed me to be clear and specific, to dig deeper into questions I didn’t have answers to. I had to name my “gremlins” and was forced to sit down and have a drink with them. I was surprised when she said a few very specific things that really unlocked some doors for me. I came away with very clear and specific actions that I could take to help me find answers in a way that I was comfortable with.” - Drew Carbondale, CO

”Lindsay Gurley is a wonderfully unique and genuine woman who openly shares her gifts for the betterment of her clients. She has made me believe in the power of coaching and I can see her positive impact on my life. Lindsay is powerful, understanding, real, raw and kind all rolled into one.” - Sarah M. Carbondale, CO

”I continue to work with Lindsay after many years. It is a way for me to find peace, time for myself, have fun and true adventure in the beauty of wilderness in the Aspen area. Words can’t even being to explain the experiences we have had.” - J. Florida

”After working with Lindsay, all of the tension and worry that I had been bottling up felt like it had lifted off of me. I feel emotionally and physically lighter and I have realized that it isn’t doing me any good to focus so intently on the negative feelings and thoughts I have had. As Lindsay suggested, I have loosened my hold on the reins of my life just enough to get comfortable again.” -Ashley L. Denver, CO