What is hidden yet perfectly in view?

Looking out three large windows I see this broad white landscape. Juniper trees adorn the foreground while everything beyond is just a sheet of white, masking the valley and high peaks of Capitol and Garrets at the edge. 

It's interesting, to be able to see the valley and mountains within my mind, yet I am actually completely blinded by the blizzard, no visual within thirty feet of the house. It's a perfect analogy to so many moments in life, what can I see right in front of me, or not see at all? It's like the moments when your keys are literally right there in front of you and they are the last thing you see. Or the times when the same lesson comes to you over and over and over in life, revealing itself and then alas, once again it is concealed by the blizzard.

Rhasaya, the Sanskrit word for the tantra yogic idea that things are concealed and then revealed, is a constant experience in my life, and at times it frustrates me, while at other moments I can't stop laughing. My lessons will continue to teach me until I don't need those teachings anymore. The blizzards will continue to roll in, cover it all up, and then BAM, suns out and teacher is back!

That’s what fascinates me with life, each moment can tap me in, it can slap me awake, and say - this moment, right here, right now, just looking out the window at the white abyss, this is real, raw, connected, and a time to see what is happening. It's a real moment! It could just be staring into the blizzard, looking at nothing, and it could be a time to pause, take in the teaching and experience the pure awe and wonder of this awareness. I thrive on both the nothing and the something, the times of being blinded in concealment and the times of being slapped with the revelation. 

So, where is the blizzard in your life right now? What is right in front of you that you cannot see or aren't allowing yourself to see? What do you see through the white abyss?

Let it be revealed. Because it will probably be concealed yet again, then revealed, and concealed. That’s what makes it a mystery!