From Procrastination to Action - a Simple Step to Focus

I, historically speaking, was never a procrastinator. In high school and college I would jump at once to dive into assignments. Researching, writing, and actively completing projects that I was either interested in or uninspired by. I just thrived on getting it done, studying earlier, and feeling prepared and ready.

As I have launched into creating my own business, working for myself, and setting my own hours and workload I have witnessed a little change in my habits. One characteristic that is worth sharing is my attachment to control. In the past, I relished on being in control, wanting to have it all times, in all parts of my life. In the last few years I have put forth energy to release my need and desire to control all the time. In all honesty, I still have the control factor and I enjoy that part of myself, and I really appreciate dissolving some of my attachment to the constant need of it. So, with that, I have let go a bit, and since I have started to work for myself I notice the thin line I walk on completing necessary tasks and releasing the need of control. 

Lifes constant lessons

Lifes constant lessons

So, I have started to play a simple game with myself to focus, complete a task, and feel at ease. It is easy and honestly, quite nice. I set a timer for thirty minutes, during this time I am completely focused on this one task. No social media, no text messages or calls (I even put my phone on do not disturb), no house cleaning, no snacking. Just me, my glass of water or tea, and the project at hand. Once the thirty minutes is up, I evaluate where I am, how much more time I might need, and can give myself a few moments to do whatever it is I see necessary. Super simple, a timer and a decision to focus. It is helping and reminding me of my joy to complete things that matter.

How could you stop procrastinating and jump into action? Do you have any tricks to share that might inspire another? And what is possible if you stop procrastinating and start acting?