Awareness and the Hippo

Awareness seems to be the theme of the month for myself and a lot of my clients. It is really linked to how present in the moment someone is. Present and aware of the personal world, of others, and of what is going on in ones surroundings. It's as if every moment is a meditation, a chance to be so alive, in awe, and landed. For the eyes to open so wide they can see beyond what is right in front of them. It's about noticing what is happening within when the world is happening around you AND, at the same time, actually seeing all that is happening around you. 

Maybe this circumstance will ring a bell for you... After going to an event with a friend, she's like, "...and did you see the giant clown in a hippo outfit in front of us?". You think to yourself, what hippo? What clown? How did I not see that? 

t's like you were physically there but so wrapped up in whatever story was happening in your mind that you weren't really there. These moments can be frustrating or eye opening. Your choice. It's like someone is knocking on your door, WAKE UP, look around, get out of your head (or your phone), and look around. EXPERIENCE life. See life. Have an active role in life.

Trust me, I am no expert. As a constant student, I feel like someone is knocking on my door constantly. Although I am a hyper observant individual, I still catch myself missing those valuable and "invaluable" moments. And when I realize I didn't see the clown or the hippo suit, I try to get real with myself and reflect (even if it's frustrating). I literally pause, where ever I am in the moment, breathe, and choose to begin again. It's up to me how present and aware I am in this life. And to be honest, I want to see it all, the good, the bad, and the ugly. I don't want to miss any hippo costumes.