Get Intimate with Yourself


Intimacy and sexuality – both interlaced within one another and in life as we know it. It is a human trait, we crave intimacy, and with most, we crave intimate sexual experiences. Yet, openly communicating about intimacy and/or sexuality is taboo, something we are taught not to speak about in public. And, it is this taboo thing that we thirst for.

To be intimate with yourself, others, or something greater can be one of the greatest experiments life has to offer. And I have to ask, how often do you really get to dive into the depths of intimacy with another? It is raw and vulnerable, revealing parts of you that might normally been hidden from the world. Finding the confidence to reveal these “secrets” and desires, can lead to the real gift and guide that intimacy offers.

This gift of intimacy, of vulnerability and deep connection, is also becoming a mirage of the past. Getting lost to the technological world, side lined by the to-dos, the need to do it alone and prove your independent competency, and merely loosing closeness to others. The ability to be intimate, to create space for intimacy on all levels really trickles into the rest of life. As Lorie Gordon wrote in Psychology Today, "In fact, intimacy involves both emotional and physical closeness and openness. But we wind up confusing the two and end up feeling betrayed or used when, as often happens, we fail to satisfy our need for closeness in sex." Intimacy and sex are deeply intertwined but how often are they not actually connected in your sexual life? It takes courage to be vulnerable and open to the potential pleasures of an intimate sexual relationship. What if you could always see sex as a sacred doorway to share your intimate self with a partner?


As they say, times are a changing, and it is time to start talking about SEX, to feel confident and safe in order to share your needs and desires, shoot, to even know what you desire. It is time to unlock the joy of sex through the power of intimacy. Partnered or un-partnered, sex without intimacy just won’t lead to as much sexual fulfillment. 

And don't get me wrong, there are many preferences and kinks out there that might thrive without deep intimacy or closeness to someone else or to yourself. And, I would say, no matter the preference, intimacy is something that is entangled in personal or partnered sex. For the majority of people in the world sex is dull, detached, a thing to check off the chore list, lacking intimacy and connection. 

So, what if you could make your sexual fantasies come true? Or at least openly share them with the person you want to try them with? Or, what about connecting so much to your own body and breath that you have an orgasm that could collapse you at the knees? What if you could reawaken those fireworks and strong desires you had for your partner at the beginning of the relationship? What if you could shift that belief you currently hold about sex? What might happen? 

Empowered Sexuality is just that, an empowered way to truly get to know your sexual feelings and desires and to confidently step into that sexual being that you are. It is a place of deep intimacy, first with yourself, and then with whomever you choose to go into real exploration with. Sex and intimacy are critical to who we are as humans, how can you ignite your own inner world? 

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