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Kegels. Kegels. Kegels. My first thought when I hear the word "Kegel" -- the 80's, big hair, florescent clothing, tight booties, and lots of hip lifts. Well, there is a lot of truth in this "Kegels" thing. Think about it, a Kegel is an exercise that engages the pelvic floor or PC muscles, these are the muscles at the base of your pelvis surrounding all of your sexual organs. So, not only does strengthening your pelvic floor support healthy bladder and rectum control, it increases circulation to your genitals, heightens pleasure and ability to orgasm, can make sex feel better, and lifts your sexual confidence. And, kegels are not just for women, men can gain just as much from exercising their PC muscles. Even GQtalks about the benefits for men, "It can strengthen orgasms, erection, and performance overall". In reality, we should all be getting our Kegel on, for our partners benefit (or future partner) if not for our own health and sexuality. 

Kegel workouts can be fun and intentional. The best part is you can do them whenever, where ever. Why not awaken your sexual world at a meeting, lunch, or when waiting in line?


A simple Kegel exercise for all*: 

The first step is to make sure you are engaging the right muscles in the right direction. First, sit comfortably in a chair, with the spine long. Engaging the PC muscles is the same sensation as when you need to pee and you squeeze to hold yourself off. You can also place two fingers gently above your pubic bone, engage the squeeze and feel the muscles slightly contract up and in on your finger tips. 

To Practice a Kegel, the breath is key. In your comfortable seat inhale and relax. On the exhale contract the pelvic floor and hold for five seconds (while holding the exhale out), then relax while you inhale. Repeat 10-15 times and do multiple times throughout the day. You can slowly work your way up to holding for 10 seconds (no passing out!!). 

Try it. For one week. See if you have more desire, energy, and maybe even better orgasms! If you are interested in more tools and techniques check out:

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