You are both ready for you relationship to be…



more fun.

more connected.

More passionate & Intimate.

then say yes to your relationship.

Imagine taking the time to actually get to know your needs and desires, as well as your partners. Imagine moving out of your relationships comfort zone and debunking what is holding you both back. Imagine a more connected, passionate, and engaging relationship.

As your coach, I compassionately reflect your relationships truth back to you, guide you toward insight, and ask you powerful questions. Together, we will find the answers you seek and the relationship you crave. 

Coaching will help you reconnect as a couple and move forward into the life you are meant to live together. 

Build not only a healthy relationship, but one that is uplifting, adventurous, fulfilling, and supportive.

As Partners you will:

  • Be heard & understood

  • Understand your partner

  • Learn strategies and skills to strengthen your relationship

  • Ignite passion, connection, and intimacy

  • Have better sex

  • Have fun, enjoy the adventure & fall in love again

You Will Each become:

  • More confident and purposeful

  • Clear and focused

  • Free of self-sabotaging patterns

  • Deeply self-aware

  • Calm and centered

  • More open to your partners needs & desires

This is for couples who are ready to leave the mediocre and dive into a fulfilling partnership. For those ready to stop living like roommates are start living in desire and passion. This is not for couples in crisis or near divorce.

Lindsay is extremely welcoming and approachable. We feel so much closer and it was only our first session. We
have connected on a much deeper level intimately. Thank you for sharing your gift and giving us a space to grow with one another.
— Clara & Shane

Do you have the courage to take your relationship to the next level?

invest in it. 

Coaching Package:

  • 4 month commitment (minimum)

  • 3 coaching sessions per month (75 minutes)

  • Unlimited text and email support in between sessions

  • Weekly couples assignments

  • Accountability

  • Better connection, better sex, better love!

Based in the Roaring Fork Valley, Lindsay works offers couples coaching in person from Aspen to Glenwood Springs to the Vail Valley and works globally with clients via Zoom and Skype.

Set up a call to see if we are the right fit

Jump start your coaching package with an Intimacy Adventure in Aspen, Colorado. Experience three days unplugging from the chaos of life, connecting with your partner, and building stronger intimacy while staying in luxury and exploring the wilderness daily.

We weren’t in crisis but we definitely weren’t madly in love anymore. Lindsay helped us create the relationship we both always wanted but couldn’t put the time into. It was real work and extremely worth it, we finally crave each other — sexually and mentally.
— Chris & Leah