A Private Couples Retreat

Get Adventurous + Get Intimate + Stoke the fire!


3 DAYs, 3 NIGHTs


I create unforgettable, all-inclusive weekend retreats to reignite the flame in your relationship. As a certified coach, adventure guide and intimacy expert, I provide you and your partner with the tools to connect on a deeper level and have fun while you do it.

In this fast-paced world with work, kids, busy schedules and stressful days, your relationship may feel strained. This weekend retreat offers you and your partner a time to reset, reconnect, and reawaken together. Imagine nestling beside the one you love under a canopy of stars after a day filled with courageous communication and a dopamine rush of adventure. I make moments like this happen for your relationship to come alive again!

Individually, you will:

  • Better understand intimacy

  • Communicate effectively

  • Learn active listening techniques

  • Become more confident

  • Crave your partner


  • Feel renewed and exhilarated

  • Rekindle mutual desire

  • Be supported to get vulnerable

  • Reconnect in a real way

  • Remember how to be wild

How do you fancy your stay?

Mystery is not always about traveling to new places, it is about looking with new eyes.
— Esther Perel


Your Guide

I help couples unplug from their busy lives in order to reconnect with one another and the natural world. As a certified coach, intimacy expert, and mountain guide, I create adventures to reignite the flame and keep it lit. Read more about me here.


What Makes Intimacy Adventures Different?

I combine the power of relationship and intimacy coaching with adventures in nature. In our work together, I help you and your partner find confidence, get wild, and explore the unknown. I don’t dive into the drama, trauma, or past regarding your relationship. Instead, I help you and your partner uncover what you both want right now. I customize each adventure according to your needs down to the last detail. I invite couples of all genders and sexual preferences to be a part of Intimacy Adventures.

My Methodology

The Intimacy Adventure Methodology is the foundation for each couples retreat. I carefully asses your relationship’s distinct needs and goals in order to design your journey. Interested in more details about my methodology? Find them here.

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*Please note, this is a program based on coaching philosophy. I am not a therapist, psychotherapist, or sex therapist. I am a professional life coach and intimacy expert. I focus on helping you expand the possibilities in your relationship, not investigate the past. If you need counseling or therapy, please seek a marriage retreat, couples therapy retreat, or a trained psychotherapist. I do work with a trained sex therapist for interested couples for an additional fee.